Salary Point Credits & GEUs

All Teachstar Online Academy courses offer optional Graduate Education Units or Salary Point Credits (LAUSD teachers only).



Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)

TeachStar Online Academy courses are approved by LAUSD’s Professional Development Unit for Salary Point Credits. The number of salary points awarded is included in LAUSD’s Learning Zone course description.

Upon course completion, you will be sent a reminder and link for the Learning Zone Evaluation through your email account. It is recommended that the evaluation be completed when the reminder is received. Shortly after the course ending date, a Learning Zone class roster is submitted to LAUSD with the names of participants who are recommended for salary points.

You may also apply for university credit. However, since the names of LAUSD teachers are already included on the Learning Zone salary point roster, university credit may NOT be submitted for additional credit. But, university credit may benefit LAUSD participants who wish to have an official credit/transcript for their personal educational files since salary points may not transfer to another district. If you choose University Credit, you must also notify the TOA Registrar by following the online directions given in the course for University Credit (see below).

For additional information concerning salary points and university credit, please read the UTLA contract, Article XV, Section 3.0.

Further information regarding P/NA Form Processing is available on this website:

“Any delay in processing your salary points will not affect the eligibility date of your schedule advancement. If the points from your P or NA form have not been posted after 12 weeks, please contact the Salary Allocation Unit at 213 241-6121.”



University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

How do I register for University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) graduate credit?

You are given the opportunity to register with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) during the 2nd week of your TeachStar online course.

During the 2nd week of your course, you may register for UCLA Extension Credit either online or by telephone . You must register with UCLA Extension (whether online or by phone) for the UCLA credits before the end of the 3rd week of your online course. You will send your payment directly to UCLA. Please note, that there will be no refunds from UCLA if you change your mind.

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
3 Quarter Units – (2 Semester Units) – *$250.00 UCLA tuition
4.5 Quarter Units – (3 Semester Units) – *$250.00 UCLA tuition

*These fees are in addition to the TeachStar Online Academy course fees.


How is my work graded?

UCLA grading is A-F.

Assignment Individual Assignment Point Distribution Total Point Assignment
Electronic portfolio/project 50 points
Online participation 30 points
Post-test 10 points
Quizzes 10 points
Total Points Possible: 100 points

A = 90-100 points
B = 80-89 points
C = 70-79 points
D = 60-69 points
F = less than 60 points


When will I receive my UCLA credits?

You will not receive the Credits from UCLA until you have completed your online course and received a passing grade from your online instructor. Once your instructor has notified us, we will post your grade with UCLA.


How do I obtain a transcript?

Transcripts are not automatically issued upon the conclusion of your course. Each transcript is $8. You will need to send a written request with payment to UCLA. More information on this process is included on the “UCLA Enrollment Application” that you will download and send to UCLA.


Who can I contact for more information?

For further information about graduate credit offered by UCLA, call UCLA Extension at (310) 825-9971.