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Course ID 556
Registration Deadline: 4/27/18 @ 5 p.m. PST
Start Date: 5/4/18
Duration: 5 Weeks


Course Description:

This Verification Process for Special Settings (VPSS) in Social Studies is a five week online course. Professional development in history and social science will be aligned with and directly related to State academic content standards, student academic achievement standards, and State assessments. Through the professional development, participants will demonstrate an understanding of the subject matter contained in the History-Social Science Content Standards for California Public Schools (1998) as outlined in the History-Social Science Framework for California Public Schools (2001) from an advanced standpoint. To ensure that participants have the prerequisite knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to succeed in Level II professional development, Level I will focus on fundamental themes of history and geography. Level I will study the periods of U.S. History with a global perspective of how world events also shaped U.S. History.

World History: Participants will be introduced to global events in World History while studying American History in depth. This will include studying the impact of human interaction with the physical environment and the fundamental role geography played in human development and exploration. They will analyze the emergence of developed economies and the influence the economy had on people, politics, and the expansion of empires. In Tier I, Participants will demonstrate a basic understanding of religion and its influences on society and trends of movement.

Civics, U.S. History: Participants will demonstrate that they have knowledge of the principles of both civics and American democracy and they can analyze how those principles are put into practice in American politics and government. Participants will describe and analyze the social, political, and economic developments of the American people. They will be able to compare and contrast the different geographic areas of the U.S. and the effect of geography on the economy, politics, and social structures. Participants will analyze primary and secondary sources of U.S. history using an awareness of multiple historical and geographical perspectives. Participants will demonstrate an understanding of the causes and consequences of significant wars, social, and religious movements.

Economics: Participants will demonstrate the ability to explore issues that feature both theoretical and applied economics, and a knowledge of the principles of economics, in relation to the United States economy.

Geography: Participants will demonstrate that they have knowledge of the five basic themes of geography: location; place; human and environmental interaction; movement; and regions. Participants will demonstrate that they have basic map and globe skills, such as latitude/longitude, relative location, distance/direction, scale, legend, map projections, and distortion categories to describe and analyze the world from a geographic perspective.

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension Credit

4.5 Quarter Units
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