Kid in a theatrical pose


Theatre Integration in the K-6 Classroom

Technology Enhanced Arts Learning Project

K-6 Grade Level
No cost
Not eligible for salary points and/or graduate credits.

Participants will gain a basic understanding of the integration and benefits of theatre and creative dramatics in the elementary classroom. Beginning with a focus on “play”, the module guides learners through the tools and practices of actors, including non-verbal communication through pantomime and tableaus as well as verbal communication activities that help students build their “stage voice”. An exploration of storytelling through formal and informal theatre identifies key roles that encourage self-expression, collaboration, and communication as creative drama is integrated with other content areas. A walk-through of the California Theatre Arts standards, the Common Core Standards, and cross-curricular standards is provided, along with a detailed guide for creating an arts integrated lesson plan. The module includes the “Enter Stage Right – We Know You Know” integrated lesson planning worksheet.

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