620 – Introduction to Evidence-based Cyberbullying Prevention Programs for Educators

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Course ID 620
Grade Level: K-12
Duration: 2 Hours

Course Description:

Participants will consider current trends and issues related to cyberbullying by examining scenarios, testimonials, and examples of cyberbullying prevention curriculum.

The goal of this course is to familiarize teachers, administrators, and school mental health professionals with issues of cyberbullying, signs of bullying or being targeted, steps towards intervention and referral after a target has been identified, topics to discuss with students in cyberbullying prevention, and curriculum examples for both classrooms and schools aligned with AB2246- Pupil Suicide Prevention Policy (including suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention).

The Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) Center for Distance and Online Learning (CDOL), and The Los Angeles Department of Mental Health have partnered to prepare this course for you.

The information provided through this course should be used strictly for educational and informational research purposes. This course is not intended to endorse any particular program, but rather to provide information and links to school-based programs and research related to student mental health.

NOTE: This no-cost, self-paced course is not eligible for salary points and/or graduate credits.

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