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The TeachStar Online Academy (TOA) 500 series courses are collaborative, online professional development courses that are Common Core aligned for English-Lanugage Arts and Mathematics. Our courses are moderated by experienced educators, and tailored to fit your busy schedule with on demand 24/7 access to participate from any location with internet connection.

Why enroll in TeachStar Online Academy courses?

The TeachStar Online courses are specifically designed to enhance your teaching strategies. All teachers within different subject areas are welcome to participate.

Carolyn R.

I could take them at home, when I felt like taking the classes or when I had the time to take the classes. I went online, sometimes it was Sunday afternoon, late Saturday night, and I took them at my convenience, which I really liked.

- Carolyn R
3rd Grade Teacher

Learn with a flexible schedule
from the comfort of your

TeachStar Online Academy courses do not require on-site attendance. Attend affordable online classes conveniently without worrying about commuting, traffic, or losing valuable family time.

During the course, a new module is released each week, and you can plan your participation around your other obligations.

Our courses focus on Common Core aligned English-Language Arts and Mathematics, and are moderated by experienced educators.

Earn LAUSD salary points
or UCLA graduate credits.

If you’re a teacher at any other district, you can enroll in the UCLA option to earn graduate credits.

Earn UCLA Extension credits or LAUSD Salary Points

Improve your teaching strategies, share ideas with other educators, and experience professional growth.

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Steven L.

My school, they finish at 3:30, and a lot of the other programs started at 4:30 and they were a drive, so I was looking for every oportunity to do online courses.

- Steven L.
High School Mathematics Teacher

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